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Politically Correct Madness!

  1. He does not have a beer gut; he has developed a liquid grain storage facility.

  2. He is not quiet; he is a conversational minimalist.

  3. He is not stupid; he suffers from minimal cranial development.

  4. He does not get lost; he discovers alternative destinations.

  5. He is not balding; he is in follicle regression.

  6. He is not a cradle robber; he prefers generationally differential relationships.

  7. He does not get falling-down drunk; he becomes accidentally horizontal.

  8. He is not short; he is anatomically compact.

  9. He does not constantly talk about cars; he has a vehicular addiction.

  10. He is not unsophisticated; he is socially malformed.

  11. He does not hog the blankets; he is thermally unappreciative.

  12. He is not a male chauvinist pig; he has swine empathy.

  13. He doesn't have a dirty mind; he has introspective pornographic moments.

  14. He is not afraid of commitment; he is monogamously challenged.

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